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Android Sports Betting App ScreenshotRunning neck and neck with Apple, Android smartphone and tablet devices enjoy a very strong presence in the technological arena. The Android operating system is owned and operated by Google, and was Apple's first significant competitor in the mobile market. The tremendous popularity and expansion of Android over the last few years has ensured that they are included in the development of mobile gambling options, providing easy access to quality Android sports betting apps. While we do not endorse every single mobile sportsbook wagering application that is compatible with Android phones and tablets, there are a handful of exceptional options that were developed by the industry's leading online sportsbooks. You will see our recommendations in the table below. Each of these applications has been carefully vetted by our team of analysts, and was found to offer a full service sports wagering platform accessible from your Android device. Because Android is an operating system used worldwide, our guide includes USA mobile sports betting sites and European mobile sportsbooks.

Leading Android Online Sportsbooks

Sportsbook Name Bonus USA Friendly?
Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 Yes
Betonline Sportsbook 25% On Every Deposit Yes 25% On Every Deposit Yes

What Features Are Offered At Android Sports Betting Sites?

You will find that the Android sports betting sites and applications that we include in this guide provide a full service sports wagering platform that includes the same wide range of betting lines and wagering options that you see at the leading online sportsbooks. While we cannot speak for every option on the Web, you will not get a watered down version on your mobile device when you use the brands recommended in this guide. It is well established that online sportsbooks offer a much larger selection of betting lines and wagering options than brick and mortar sportsbooks in Las Vegas are able to provide. This means that the options you find compatible with your Android device will in fact surpass the Las Vegas sports betting opportunities.

The features you will find at Android sportsbooks include live betting, score updates in real time, live streaming of select events, 24/7 access, account management, and acess to a full range of betting lines and wagering options such as teasers, parlays, proposition bets, props and many others. You will have be able to take advantage of new player and existing player bonuses, promotions and incentive, and access resources for reviewing team and player stats, schedules and current news, as well as instant access to customer support. It is literally a full service sportsbook at your fingertips. The features at our recommended Android sportsbooks are comparabile to the same features found at iPhone mobile sportsbooks.

Which Devices are Compatible with Android Sports Betting Sites?

You will find that the majority of our recommended brands are browser based applications that are accessible from both current and previous generation devices. This is made possible through responsive technology that allows the software supporting the application to instantly recognize the device being used and its dimensions so that the user interface can be perfectly formatted for that smartphone or tablet. Most high quality downloadable and browser based sports betting apps are specifically engineered for the Android operating system, so accessibility is typically not a problem. The few instances that can cause disruptions in accessibility include devices in which the system and software updates are not current, or devices which are simply outside the range of backwards compatibility.

With carriers providing hardware upgrades to customers every two years, accessibility is typically not a problem among users. Android sports betting sites are compatible with devices manufactured by the leading technology brands, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG, among others. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the entire line of Galaxy S products are among the most popular Android devices, along with the HTC One M8, LG G2 and Motorola Droid line of smartphones. Of course there are many many other well known Android smartphones, and a nice range of Android tablets as well that can be used for enjoying sports betting from your mobile device.

What About Sports Betting Apps in the Google Play Store?

When it comes to real money sports wagering, the applications and sportsbooks we recommend in this guide are the safest and most reputable options available. The Google Play store is not keen on including real money gambling applications at this time, and the few that may be found in their store are generally only available to European bettors, with access blocked to US bettors. A few of the brands we recommend to offer access from the Google Play store. To get started with either the downloadable or browser based Android sports betting apps in this guide, simply select the one you're interested in and use the provided link to access the application. You then do some minimal data entry to open a player account, and login. For those applications which require a download, you will be provided with instructions for accessing the app at its source. We recommend that you do some exploring of the application prior to depositing any funds into your account to ensure you are pleased with the interface, betting options and selection of sports that are covered before you make any type of investment. Also be sure to review the terms of the bonus offers to ensure you understand how to claim all offers and any wagering requirements associated with the offer.